Book with us to experience the most authentic BVI Heritage History Walking Tour.  For more information call us at 284-494-1044 or email  Explore historical activism, patriotism and sites, our culture, architecture, shopping, fungi music and lots more during our walk.


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An authentic BVI historical walking tour originated by Mitsy J. Ellis-Simpson, Author of 

Experience the most authentic BVI Heritage History Walking Tour through the eyes of a Virgin Islander.  BVI Heritage History Walking Tours by Paradise Travels & Tours are conducted by persons born and raised in the  beautiful British Virgin Islands. The tour features portable multimedia and pictures while walking through the capital city, Road Town. Explore historical activism, patriotism and sites, our culture, architecture, shopping and lots more during our walk.

The tour starts on the lawn of the Noel Lloyd Positive Action Movement Park where you can use the restroom and get ready for an exciting journey through Road Town.  A 5 minute introduction will be given by a citizen of the Virgin Islands which will prepare you for the complete tour. 

BVI Heritage History Walking Tour will be accompanied with portable pictures and fungi music. Imagine walking the streets of our capital city listening to local fungi music, the BVI's territorial music.  Be ready to try out your "fungi vocals" and an authentic cultural experience of a lifetime. 

Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM every Fridays and Saturdays and on Cruise Ship Arrival Days. Click here for Cruise Ship Arrivals. 
Meet:  Noel Lloyd Positive Action Movement Park on the lawn.

Price: US$25.00 Per Person or US$20.00 Per Person for groups of 10 and up.

​Call 284-494-1044 or email to book with us. Groups welcomed.

Are you a Virgin Islander with a deep knowledge of the British Virgin Islands?  Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge and creating memorable travel experiences for visitors to our shores? Apply to become a Heritage Tour Guide and be a part of an incredibly talented team. Contact us at

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​​BVI Heritage History Walking Tour

Location: Road Town, Tortola

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